Staying In A Cabin With Your Friends Can Be The Most Memorable Way To Experience Dreamscape Festival

Cabins are one of the most popular aspects of Dreamsape and they always sell out fast.

All cabins include: Admission & bed for everyone in the cabin (up to cabin capacity number), admission for all cabin guests, TempurPedic mattresses, electricity, privacy, storage, weather protection, and bathrooms.

$90 ADD-ON to your GA ticket (priced at $30/night). This upgrades into a 10-person cabin which also includes bed, TempurPedic mattress, private bathroom in the cabin, electricity, privacy, storage, and weather protection.


Additional guests may stay in the cabin at the discretion of cabin purchaser but MUST purchase an admission ticket to get into the festival.

13 Person Cabin – $3380  (SOLD OUT)
10 Person Cabin – $2600 (LESS THAN 6 LEFT)
8 Person Cabin – $2145 (SOLD OUT)
7 Person Cabin – $1820 (SOLD OUT)


All vehicles must pay the parking fee, however up to 3 vehicles will be permitted to park next to the cabin. Vehicles must be parked by no later than 5PM on Thursday, May 19th. Any vehicle parked at the cabin will be required to stay for the duration of the event or forfeit being able to return to that spot.

Admission is included for all cabin guests up to the cabin capacity. The ticket purchaser will receive all tickets for the cabin within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Doors are lockable but you must bring your own padlock. Please be sure to make enough keys for the rest of your group!

Most 7-person cabins are part of a quad which shares one large bathroom with 2 stalls and 2 showers. Cabins on the block of G-N do not have a private bathroom but there are two very large bathrooms on the same block which do have public access. Bathrooms will be designated as male/female or for anyone identifying as such. You will need to bring your own sheets and pillows for all cabins.

All group cabin purchasers must send a refundable $200 cleaning/security deposit via PayPal to This deposit will be refunded after your cabin is verified as being completely clean &  damage-free. Trash must also be placed in on-site dumpster (not left on cabin porch or inside)