Group Cabins

A full activity schedule image is below! If you look down past the image you will see descriptions as well as hosts for each event!



3PM – Mindful Movement Magic
hosted by Shannon O’Sulivan

Description: Mindful Movement Magic provides a space for physical, musical and mental exploration, where you are encouraged to do whatever it is you need, and be whoever it is that you are. Stretching and conditioning the body and mind. Soaking up every moment and feeling in the heart and soul. It is here- where we find ourselves truly alive!

4PM – Community Resiliency Model
hosted by Kierstin Nicole Graham

Description: Help support your community members in moments of hyper/hypo activation. In this seminar you will learn about the Nervous System, Window of Tolerance, and the 6 wellness skills used to support yourself and others in the resiliency zone!

12AM – Zumba Glow Party
hosted by Sarah Ecton

Description: Join the party, and GLOW to the beat at ThatZinSarah’s Zumba dance glow part. Includes Latin rhythms including Salsa Reggaeton and other World Rhythms like Bollywood and HipHop. 45 mins of dancing in a judgement free space to express yourself. Bright colors and glow paint themed, but come feel to come as you are!


10AM – Morning Meditation & Body Balancing
hosted by Symphany Highsmith

Description: Start the morning off right with morning meditation and breathing. Let’s connect our mind, body and soul into one as we practice our breathing while stretching. Bring a friend or make new friends while we start each day of the festival rejuvenated!

11AM – Chakra Cleanse Sound Bath
hosted by Peyton Mayzel

Description: A singing bowl experience to provide a full body sound bath cleanse of your chakras, providing grounding, cleansing, and energizing the mind, body and soul.

12PM – Ecstatic Dance for Emotional Liberation & Meditation Workshop
hosted by Jermac Axinto

Description: Join Jemarc Axinto the Spiritual Geek in an incredible Ecstatic Dance Workshop merging Somatic Movement, Mantra. And Meditation thR will help you release repressed emotions and open up your energy body and spirit to abundance.

1PM – Kickball
hosted by Hi-Score & Alex Rabat

Description: Join your friends in a game of kickball! We’ll be meeting near the Pavilion & playing the grassy area nearby!

1PM – Conscious Comedy Workshop
hosted by Michael Boothby

Description: This workshop will help adults rediscover their inner kid through improvisational theater games, movement exercises, and breathwork. Participants will learn how to get out of their head, stay in the moment, and play.

2PM – Learn To Tie-Dye
hosted by Charles Bupp

Description: Ever wanted to learn how to tie dye like the professionals? Well here’s you chance. Bring your own shirts, or buy one off me for $5.

2PM – Swing Low Limbo
hosted by Andrew Prince

Description: How low can you go? We raise our standards as we lower the bar! Join in the fun for our Swing Low Limbo contest taking place by the pool!

3PM – Twerk Of Art
hosted by Yami

Description: Get ready to dive into the world of sexiness, confidence and, musicality with Twerk of Art! This workshop will teach you various twerking moves such as the classic “bussy popper” to the infamous “wap dance” all while embracing your natural talents. So come on down and shake what your mother gave you for a workshop like no other.

12AM – Mativa’s Yoga Experience
hosted by Matthew Camisa

Description: Mativa or better known as Matt, a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner will guide you through a grounding and energetic healing experience through the flow of movement and meditation. join matt on your mat for a grounding and calming experience after a rush of loud BASS music.


10AM – Dubstep Yoga
hosted by Alisha Hiskey

Description: Start your day off right with the perfect combination of relaxation and preparation for your day. Dubstep yoga offers flows and meditation for everyone all set to this years hottest music. Beginners and advanced yogis welcome

12PM – Trance Dance
hosted by Allan Kofman

Description: A free expression dance playshop that combines music, dance, breathwork and being blindfolded. Results in feeling of transcendence, bliss, freedom, connection and more.

12PM – Apocalyptic First Aid & Herbal Trauma Care
hosted by Chani Greiner

Description: Gain the necessary survival skills to thrive in a post apocalyptic world with basic first aid training and herbal ally’s. This intensive course will provide lifesaving skills that are essential in limited resource survival situations of our modern times, or can serve as preparation for a dystopian future. Be prepared for anything from a camping trip gone wrong, to surviving a zombie attack, to prospering and caring for your family off grid!

1PM – Feeling Knotty
hosted by Danielle Allbritain

Description: Are you feeling knotty ? Join us for an introduction to shibari! BYOR!!!

2PM – The Joy of Mixing
hosted by Damien McCoy

Description: Workshop covers basics of electronic music production, workflow hacking, tips & techniques and more while in a live music creation session. Workshop will cover mostly in Ableton, but can translate to other DAWs.

12AM – Soul Flow Yoga Workshop
hosted by Alyssa Aguila

Description: Recenter yourself before the festival with an all levels meditation & yoga class. With a focus on intuitive free flow movements and energy clearing exercises, this class will leave you grounded and aligned. We’ll end the class with the vibrations of crystal singing bowls and the hand pan drum.